HALF Festival

‘Haiku’ is a very short form of Japanese poetry, here used to mean any short form of aesthetic creativity. ‘Amateur’ here denotes a creation by a creator whose chief intention in the creation is not financial gain.
The meaning of ‘amateur’ implying something that lacks professional quality does not apply here. ‘Little’ here stands for shortness of duration of the film and is specified as ‘no longer than 5 minutes of total screening time

including front and back credits’. ‘Film’ stands for cinematic creation in the digital video format. ‘HALF’ is an abbreviation of ‘Haiku Amateur Little Film’ and denotes also the stipulated duration of the film which is 5 minutes or ‘half’ the time of a traditional film reel which is 10 minutes.

Time  Duration  of  a  Short  film

There is no official consensus on the duration of ‘short film’. Traditionally American film industry defined it as ‘shorter than two reels’ which means shorter than 20 minutes, as the traditional film reel is 10 minutes long. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short film as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”. The Internet Movie Database draws the line at 45 minutes. Insight has decided to encourage very short films and believes a ‘very short film’ should be less than 5 minutes long. Hence the stipulation of 5 minutes limit for the entries.

Winners and Participants of Half Festival

Insigth-HalfFirstHalf Festival 2011

Best Film : Cornered!

Best Director : Robin Joy (Cornered!)

Best Editor : K. Sreenivas ( Happy Birthday)

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Insigth-HalfSecond Half Festival 2012

Best Film : Corona

 Best Director : Sharfudeen ( Corona)

Best Editor : Abhijith (Corona)

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Insigth-HalfThird Half Festival 2013

 Best Film : Vacation ( Rasheed Parakkal)

Runner up : Thundupadam ( Vinod Kumar)

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